Dad Sucks At... (Latest)

By: Brian On: March 21, 2016 In: Dad Sucks At... Comments: 0

Inevitably, after they finish their well-balanced breakfasts of Mountain Dew and popsicles, the rednecks with their redneck babies will make their way to the zoo... Tips on surviving the zoo with a toddler.

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Things My In-Laws Say (Latest)

By: Brian On: March 15, 2016 In: Things My In-Laws Say Comments: 0

The world needs more independent vacuum cleaners

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By: Brian On: March 14, 2016 In: Things My In-Laws Say Comments: 0

Making "I meant to do that" look cool since 1944

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By: Brian On: March 01, 2016 In: Things My In-Laws Say Comments: 0

All of it? All of nature?

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Toddler TV (Latest)

By: Brian On: February 25, 2016 In: Toddler TV Comments: 0

Trillions of dollars in debt to Foggy Bottom, Adventure Bay somehow manages to stay afloat despite political corruption, a complete lack of municipal services, and no plan for the future.

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Some Serious Dad Stuff (Latest)

By: Brian On: September 26, 2016 In: Serious Dad Stuff Comments: 0

My dad is like my 4-Wheel-Drive; he’s either there when I’ve gone just a little too far or he’s giving me the confidence to push farther than I thought I could go.

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